Percy Lavon Julian was born April 11, 1899, in Montgomery, Alabama, the grandson of former slaves. Percy Lavon Julian, born on 11 April 1899, hailed from Montgomery, Alabama and he was the eldest of six children. Dr. Percy Julian confronted racism, inequality and numerous challenges to become one of the most influential chemists in American history.

Percy Julian attended De Pauw University (A.B., 1920) and Harvard University (M.A., 1923) and studied under Ernst Späth, who synthesized nicotine and ephedrine, at the University of Vienna (Ph.D., Education and Life. Percy Lavon Julian. This was not long after slavery, so his grandparents were slaves. chemist Born: 4/11/1899 Birthplace: Montgomery, Ala. Available instantly . Percy Lavon Julian. 4.2 out of 5 stars 4. Percy Lavon Julian was born April 11, 1899, in Montgomery Alabama, USA, to James Sumner Julian and his wife Elizabeth Lena Adams. Percy was the oldest of six children and the grandson of a former slave. 50. His father, James, was a federally employed railway mail clerk and as such their family was better off than most blacks of the day. Percy Lavon Julian (1899 – 1975), elected to the National Academy of Sciences (many years too late!) Percy Lavon Julian (1899–1975) was among the many scientists, including Russell Earl Marker, Carl Djerassi, and George Rosenkranz, who participated actively in the synthesis and large-scale production of steroids from plant compounds. As the inventor of synthetic cortisone, fire-extinguishing Aero-Foam, and drugs to treat glaucoma, Percy Lavon Julian (1899-1975) made life-enhancing and life-saving products more affordable.

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Percy Lavon Julian: Pioneering Chemist (Signature Lives: Modern America) by Darlene Ruth Stille | Jan 1, 2009. 3.0 out of 5 stars 1. He attended school through the eighth grade but there were no high schools open to black students.

Percy Lavon Julian, an American research chemist pioneered the industrial scale chemical synthesis of medicinal drugs such as cortisone, steroids and birth control pills from natural soya products. In addition to an extensive teaching career at such colleges as DePauw University, which would not offer him a professorship because he was African American, Howard University and West Virginia State College, Percy Lavon Julian made significant discoveries in the private sector. Percy Julian, American chemist, synthesist of cortisone, hormones, and other products from soybeans. by Michei Solomon. Percy Lavon Julian was born on April 11, 1899, in Montgomery, Alabama.