The Crown viewers rage as Olivia Colman’s Queen fakes crying at Aberfan coal-tip disaster. In 1966, 300,000 cubic yards of coal sludge buried a Welsh primary school, and 19 houses in Aberfan, Wales.

The Queen's biggest regret Survivor of Aberfan disaster which features in Netflix’s The Crown was trapped under debris and saw 116 friends die The disaster took place on 21 October 1966 at around 9.15 am when heavy rain led to a build-up of water within a colliery spoil tip as it slid downhill as a slurry and took several lives. The Queen arrived in Aberfan on October 21, 1966, the day when a landslide had killed 144 people, including 116 schoolchildren. The third season of 'The Crown' is at much scrutiny from viewers for showing that the Queen faked tears while visiting victims of the Aberfan coal-tip tragedy. The Aberfan disaster, a tragedy that resulted in the deaths of 116 children and 28 adults in a Welsh mining village, was such a terrible event that it remains etched in national memory. As chronicled in the horrifying episode, the 1966 Aberfan mining disaster killed 144 people, most of them children, and became a moment of public reckoning for the queen. The Crown: Aberfan November 20, 2019 7:51 AM - Season 3, Episode 3 - Subscribe A horrible disaster in the Welsh town of Aberfan leaves scores of children dead, but when the Queen takes a week to decide to visit the town to offer solace to its people, she must confront her reasons for postponing the trip. It was one of the United Kingdom's worst tragedies, and it was a man-made disaster. The Queen visited Aberfan on October 29 -- eight days after the disaster. In The Crown, the question of whether the Queen cries crops up in perhaps the best episode of the season—if not the series—"Aberfan. “The one thing I recall about the Aberfan disaster was the arrival of the queen and how it made her cry,” Sir Mansel Aylward said in 2012. Spoilers for season three. As depicted in The Crown's third season, this incident — known as the Aberfan disaster — remains Queen Elizabeth II's biggest regret. A controversial scene in The Crown depicting Queen Elizabeth’s unflattering response to … IT WAS so heartbreaking, it moved her to tears. The Crown viewers rage as Olivia Colman’s Queen fakes crying at Aberfan coal-tip disaster.