Posted by 3 days ago. The MQ-1 Predator is a medium-altitude, long-endurance unmanned aircraft system.
The US has a long history of surveilling protesters, but the technology used to do so has grown more powerful. Authored By: Staff Writer | Last Edited: 5/2/2018 | Content © At a cost of about $40 million dollars per system, the RQ-1/MQ-1 Predator is a pricey yet integral part of US Air Force operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. A new variant, Predator B ER, has been designed with field-retrofittable capabilities such as wing-borne fuel pods and a new reinforced landing gear that extends the aircraft's already impressive endurance from 27 hours to 34 hours while further increasing its operational flexibility. Credits: GA-SAI Photo. In April 1996, the secretary of defence selected the US Air Force as the operating service for the RQ-1 Predator system.

The Predator system was designed in response to a Department of Defence requirement to provide persistent intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance information combined with a kill capability to the war-fighter. The rear-mounted propeller provides both drive and lift. favorite. Feds flew an unarmed Predator drone over Minneapolis protests to provide “situational awareness”. The RQ-1 Predator is a long-endurance, medium-altitude unmanned aircraft system for surveillance and reconnaissance missions. Military History Matters. It is larger and more powerful than the MQ-1 Predator, and is designed to execute time-sensitive targets with persistence and precision, and destroy or disable those targets. Close. The "M" is the DOD designation for multi-role, and "Q" … The MQ-1 Predator is a medium altitude, long endurance, unmanned aerial vehicle system for use in risk areas minimizing to human life.The MQ-1 Predator is designed and manufactured by the American Company General Atomics Aeronautical. Feds flew an unarmed Predator drone over Minneapolis protests to provide “situational awareness”. The maximum gross take-off weight of the UAS is 8,255kg and fuel carrying capacity is 3,583kg. A Rotax 914, four-cylinder, four-stroke, 101-horsepower engine, the same engine type commonly used on snowmobiles, turns the main drive shaft. The Predator UAV is a medium-altitude, long-range aircraft that operates much like any other small plane.

The UAS is fitted with hybrid electro / mechanical anti-lock brake system. Posted on Fri, March 9, 2018. by: Roger Connor . 151.

In the armed reconnaissance role, the Predator is seen fitted with two AGM-114 Hellfire anti-tank missiles - a munition more commonly associated with the AH-64 Apache combat helicopter - mounted under each wing and can be called on to engage ground-based vehicles … May 11, 2012. The General Atomics MQ-1 Predator Unmanned Aerial Vehicle has found success as an unarmed reconnaissance platform and as a missile-armed hunter. Predator B UAV can carry multiple missions simultaneously due to its large internal and external payload capacity. The Predator, a Drone That Transformed Military Combat . Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest ; Google + Email; Today, the United States Air Force is retiring the Predator—a military unmanned aerial vehicle that was used in attacks against al Qaeda during the war on terrorism. The MQ-9 and other UAVs are referred to as Remotely Piloted Vehicles/Aircraft (RPV/RPA) by the USAF to indicate their … The Museum’s Predator, on …

The U.S. Air Force proposed the MQ-9 Reaper system in response to the Department of Defense directive to support initiatives of overseas contingency operations. Aeronautics Department. Topics.

The internal and total payload capacities are 1,588kg and 2,948kg respectively.

Predator B continues to improve and evolve, making it more relevant for its customers' emerging needs. Credit: A Predator system operates at an altitude of 25,000ft and range of 400nm. Robotics/Automation. The drive shaft rotates the Predator's two-blade, variable-pitch pusher propeller. The unmanned aerial vehicle has a length of 13m and wing span of 20m. The fully operational system consists of four air vehicles (with sensors), a ground control station and a Predator primary satellite link communication suite.

The General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper (sometimes called Predator B) is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) capable of remotely controlled or autonomous flight operations developed by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems (GA-ASI) primarily for the United States Air Force (USAF).