The Many Ethical Implications of Emerging Technologies.

Sustainability, Ethics, and Technology Appendix I: Engineering Qualifications and Organizations in a Number of Countries Appendix II: NSPE Code of Ethics for Engineers Appendix III: FEANI Position Paper on Code of Conduct: Ethics and Conduct of Professional Engineers Appendix IV: Shell Code of Conduct Appendix V: DSM Values and Whistle Blowing Policy Glossary References Index of Cases … Introduction For more than thirty-eight years, I have taught Reformational Philosophy at Dutch state universities.

Engineers are supposed not only to carry out their work competently and skilfully, but also to be aware of the broader ethical and social implications of engineering and to be able to reflect on these.

The Web Site for Ethics and Technology xxiii A Note to Students xxiv Note to Instructors: A Roadmap for Using This Book xxiv A Note to Computer Science Instructors xxv ACKNOWLEDGMENTS xxvii FOREWORD xxix c CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION TO CYBERETHICS: CONCEPTS, PERSPECTIVES, AND METHODOLOGICAL FRAMEWORKS 1 Scenario 1–1: A Fatal Cyberbullying Incident on …

Every two years, I deal with the topic of Ethics of Technology. There is an increasing attention to ethics in engineering practice. Ethics of Science and Technology Since its involvement in promoting international reflection on the ethics of life sciences in the 1970s, UNESCO continues to build and reinforce linkages among ethicists, scientists, policy-makers, judges, journalists, and civil society to assist Member States in enacting sound and reasoned policies on ethical issues in science and technology.

How must we think ethically about, for example, the environmental problem, the cultural […] Information on ethics and technology including the Internet, biotechnology, and other topics As a thinker about the relation between Christian faith and technology, I have always been much interested in this subject.

Brainlike computer chips, smart pharmacology and other advances offer great promise but also … Code of Ethics – Code of Ethics I acknowledge: That I have an obligation to management, therefore, I shall promote the understanding of information processing methods and procedures to management using every resource at my … support of each element of the code. Ethics/Philosophy of Technology Overall mission of the Section The overall mission of the Ethics and Philosophy of Technology Section is to contribute to the professional and academic education of future engineers and to conduct research into philosophical, in particular ethical, problems related to modern technology and its impact on society. Offered by Eindhoven University of Technology.