it is intermittent ...some times will save ...other times not. So, instead of scrolling through hundreds of different contacts to find the people that you stay in touch with often, you … Adding Contacts to Favorites. How To Add Favorites On Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (Guide) Steps to Add Favorites On Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is pretty easy, and you won’t be needing a third-party party app for it. Managing (create, edit, delete…), searching, importing and exporting, and favourite contacts, managing gourps, sending group emails and messages are all discussed.

Your Samsung Galaxy S9 wants you to be able to communicate with all the people you would ever want to in any way you know how to talk to them. One example is the ability to add a contact directly to your home screen. In fact, the technology implemented in the Contacts app might […] I tried, as an experiment, to create a new contact for a number that I already had and save it to the phone memory instead of SIM, and the option to save as favorite was given to me in the form of a … This is a tall order, and your Galaxy S9 makes it as easy as possible. I think that that is the problem. received a new phone with the same saving issues. very frustrating. There is a simple way in which you can add the existing contacts on your phone (Google contacts, SIM contacts or phone contacts) to your favorites – To add a contact, go to Contacts and then from the various options at the top i.e., Logs, Contacts, Favorites, Group, tap on the option of Favorites. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are Samsung's most ambitious phones yet. I've recently switched to Android (OnePlus3) and while I'm sure this must be possible (iOS does it too IIRC) I can't see what its called or where to configure it. Android’s 1x1 widgets are powerful and underused tools that can help you start a specific action very quickly. All of my contacts were transferred to this new phone on my old SIM card. have tried factory resets and other tricks ..clear cache etc with no success. Back to Table of Contents Use this application to manage contacts, including phone numbers, email addresses, […]

Click on Contacts to view your contacts list. when entering a contact or editing a contact an "unable to save" message often pops up and the addition is not saved. phone: galaxy s10+ Get to know how to use the Contact app to manage contacts and groups in your Galaxy Note 3. One great feature on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the ability to create a star or “Favorite” certain contacts to quickly access their information. My WinPhone had this feature to set my phone silent at fixed hours of the night, but whitelist certain contacts for calls/texts.