The Kiwi Ferns were formed in 1995. The next women’s world cup takes place later this year in Canada where the reigning champions New Zealand are favourites to defend their title. In fact rugby, American football, and international football all have a common ancestor. He served as vice president of the Ohio Rugby Union. Ruan Sims is perhaps the biggest name in women’s rugby league and have been named on the bench for the Roosters, as she battles niggling injuries. New Zealand Women's Rugby League were officially recognized by the governing body New Zealand Rugby League Inc in 1995. And before you bolt because the thought of football makes you yawn, hear me out. The New Zealand women's national rugby league team, ... History Early years. trevor . There’s never been a time more exciting in the history of women’s Rugby League… and this year will be bigger and better than ever.

Last weekend, the Australian women’s rugby league team (the Jillaroos) became the first ever women’s team to be paid for playing in a test match. Tournaments. Women’s rugby now has its own Six Nations Tournament and is well reported and supported by the media and Rugby Unions. They got $37, 500 less than the men’s team, but it’s still breaking all records. Rugby league history was made on Sunday. Charles Dainoff has been involved in rugby as a player, coach, and journalist since 1985. This is partially the reason for no Women's World Cup being held until the year 2000 when these organizations collectively came together to organize it. To fully understand the scale of its growth let's take a look back into the history of women's rugby from the very beginning. 1995 Inaugural Kiwi Ferns Team. Kaylene Ihaia Nadine Conlon Lynley Tierney Juanita Hall (c) Karroll Brent-Edmonson Eileen Rankin Laura Waretini Rachael White Tania Martin Wendy Cunningham Debbie Syme Maria Auega Sara White Leah Witehira Michelle Driscoll Zavana Aranga … Women's rugby has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, with England's most recent win at the Six Nations is a key indicator of how much women's rugby has improved over the 130 years since it first started. The ancient … The 2000 World Cup was held at Stockland Park, Australia. Although rugby isn’t as internationally popular as International football and American football, it still has its own dedicated following across many parts of the world as well as shows its history in some of the earliest games played by civilization.