You don’t need to do anything. I wasn't aware that the extended applecare was "automatically activated" with the purchase of the product. I purchased two Macbook Pros 3 weeks ago and also bought the 3 year extended applecare with one of them. Question: Q: Activating applecare. If asked to enter your password as you activate your iPhone, enter the password. I waited for the activation code to arrive on my e-mail but, since that didn't happen, I called Apple Support to see what was going on. ; Select the country "Germany" and the contract with the "Apple Care Protection Plan". AppleCare will be automatically registered at Apple. In addition, they can receive convenient repair coverage his iPhone through service options. To cancel your AppleCare plan, follow the steps for your device.If you don't see your plan when you try to cancel it, finish setting up your account.If you finished setting up your account and you still don't see your plan, contact Apple Support. ; Then press on the Button "Continue" and log in to your Apple ID. If the box by iOS Device Activation isn't green, try to activate your iPhone later. Activate AppleCare Protection plan for your new iPhone. This works also without a credit card. So I've bought an iMac last year and a couple of days before warranty expired I also bought the AppleCare Protection Plan. I thought it required activation … Hey, guys! You can choose to buy AppleCare+ for your iPhone. To change the payment method that you use for your AppleCare plan, change the payment method that you use with your Apple ID. If you have not yet, you can here a new ID you create. You can check it at Apple system: You also receive an “AppleCare Protection Plan Certificate” Update May 6, … This step by step guide covers how to add AppleCare to your iPhone after purchase with three different options: online, in store, or by phone. (A password prompt means that Activation Lock might be enabled in Find My iPhone.) How to Activate AppleCare. When you purchase AppleCare for one of your Apple products, you must activate your agreement in order to start … Results will be updated after 2-3 working days. With AppleCare Protection Plan, the buyer gets one-stop service and support from Apple experts. Restart your iPhone. Open the following web page from the Apple Care Support and click on the Button "registration". No matter whether your Apple device is in its initial AppleCare warranty period or covered by AppleCare+, checking its current coverage can be the first step in getting a repair.Here’s how to check what’s covered, and what isn’t.