How do you say tsunami, learn pronunciation of tsunami in, Free online audio pronunciation dictionaries for multilingual, we are providing millions of words pronunciation audios, with meanings, definitions. You can make the wall up to 300 feet long, 300 feet high, and 50 feet thick. Tsunami is a mage spell in Dungeon Quest that increases in damage with spell power. In general, tsunamis are not particularly threatening, as they constantly happen every day around the world, often in the middle of the ocean. Tsunamis are dangerous natural disasters that usually occur after some sort of major geological event in or around a major body of water. General info: The tsunami spell is a spell that creates a giant wave that crashes into the opponents base. It does damage to the whole base, but it only does a small amount of damage. The player character will not attempt to move closer to use the ability.

Tsunami. Objects struck by a tsunami are swept up if they are Huge or smaller and are carried along by the wave, deposited in a pile at the end of the wave’s journey. Tsunami can also be learned as a Lore ability for Strago Magus.

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Its use as a Lore can be compared to Aqua Breath, dealing Water-elemental damage to all enemies. Tsunami cannot be used if there is no targets within the area, which dictates that it has a maximum range of 4, half of a normal magic spell or ability. It can be sold for 1,500,000 gold and requires players to be at least level 99 to equip it. Thankfully, there are a variety of things you can do to stay safe during a tsunami. Be sure to use it at the beginning of the attack. A wall of water springs into existence at a point you choose within range. But be warned, the tsunami spell will harm friendly troops as well. Tsunami differs from Aqua Breath in that Aqua Breath also inflicts Wind-elemental damage. The true danger of tsunamis is that they can move quickly and overwhelm populated areas without much notice. The animation would be a wave falling on the village. The ability costs 30 MP to cast, has a spell power of 50, and a hit rate of 150. In fact, most tsunamis don't reach much higher than regular ocean waves on the beach. This spell yields 1 tick of damage. Tsunami can be obtained from The Canals dungeon on Insane difficulty. The wall lasts for the duration. Tsunamis are a series of waves caused by a massive disturbance of water.

8th-level conjuration. This spell creates a wave of water that travels in a straight line, damaging enemies hit by the water. However, if attempting to use it against an opponent that they can see but not reach, Tsunami may be triggered but deal no damage, not even to other valid targets within range. Casting Time: 1 minute Range: Sight Components: V, S Duration: Concentration, up to 6 rounds. Our service is 100% free here some example pronunciations pages are listed.