Sots press: Named after world record olympic weightlifter Viktor Sots, also called the squat press, this exercise is a rack squat with a press at the bottom of the squat. The stylish thrust allows for a broader range of movement and might allow for higher quantities of loading. Place the kettlebell on your lower abs. Tighten your core by drawing in your belly button towards your spine. Hold a kettlebell on your hips. T he One Arm Single Leg Kettlebell Hip Bridge Press Exercise is a great movement that will challenge your horizontal pressing power as well as core and glue strength.. At one time lifters attacked the lift with gusto, putting up some impressive numbers, including George Hackenschmidt's 361-pound strict floor press back in 1899. The floor press is the original horizontal barbell press, even predating the bench press. Pause at the top of the bridge and then control the movement as you lower. Floor press: A press performed lying on the ground. One Arm Single Leg Kettlebell Hip Bridge Press Exercise Summary. The reason being is that the bench press is actually a full-body move that calls for your feet, glutes, quads, core, upper back, and triceps to all play a factor. Kettlebell Floor Press With Hip Bridge Variations – Combining Strength Exercises. Lay on your back and your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor, shoulder-width apart. Squeeze your glutes as you lift your hips up to a full bridge. Press up with the hips. In the videos below you will see osteopath Heath Williams of Principle Four Osteopathy demonstrate a number of kettlebell floor press exercises combined with hip bridge variations. A ... A squat with the kettlebell held overhead, requiring good hip and shoulder mobility. There are few horizontal pressing movements with the kettlebell which makes this exercise that much more useful. Push up into a bridge with your feet and upper back on the floor. glute bridge vs hip thrust can permit a lifter to load external fat, via little dumbbells, sandbags, and barbells. “The dumbbell hip-bridge press teaches you to better engage your glutes and hips to help increase your bench press max,” McFarland says. Press up with the hips. Push up into a bridge with your feet and upper back on the floor.