This is your chance to hike the most prominent feature in the Egmont National Park: Mt Taranaki. Mt Taranaki in peak winter condition . Mt Taranaki Summit Track (8-10 hours return) The big one! Waiting for the right weather window, we finally saw an opportunity at the beginning of December and made a last minute decision to make the journey up for an alpine summit. Again, what was I thinking? Mt Taranaki not only defines the landscape but is a location for hiking and skiing. The Mighty Mounga The majestic andesitic volcano Mt Taranaki (2518m) is the

The focal point of the region is the snow-capped dormant volcano, Mt Taranaki, rising 2518 m above mean sea level. The region of Taranaki surrounds the foot of Mount Taranaki, a dormant volcano that peeks above the clouds. We would be back again to climb the East Ridge; in the meantime we were wholly satisfied with our adventure up the Ted's Alley and several sharp lines on the Tooth. Other facilities include a privately run café and historic backpacker accommodation.

It is fully serviced with mains electric power, telephone (payphone cell phone, uses $1 and $2 coins), hot and cold running water, flush toilets, fully equipped kitchen with microwave oven and all utensils are provided. In this publication, the Taranaki region is that administered by Taranaki Regional Council (Figure 1). This is because Taranaki is so big, standing tall at … Mount Taranaki is the last volcano in a chain of cones that have been erupting in the region for nearly 2 million years. Ski The ski field on Mt Taranaki's eastern slopes is operated by the Stratford Mountain Club, but visitors are always welcome. The challenge should not be taken lightly, in fact, those who are inexperienced at these hardcore hikes usually go with a guide. Taranaki is an incredibly beautiful mountain, especially in winter and the allure of that solitary white peak sticking up out of seemingly no where was too much to not at least attempt, so despite the warnings on the internet we waited for the right weather and then decided to hike Mt. The main peak of Mt Taranaki forms the centre of the 33,500 ha Egmont National Park. The first ascent of Mt Taranaki is attributed to Tahurangi, who lit a fire on the summit to prove he had taken possession of the mountain for the Taranaki tribes. Privately owned and operated by the Taranaki Alpine Club, Tahurangi, 1520m, is located at the end of the Translator/Summit Track. The night was warm when we arrived at Dawson Falls at midnight, so made the three-hour climb to Fanthams Peak in the small hours, enjoying a breezy, moonlit night on the icy mountain. There are increased risks from snow, ice, avalanche terrain, bad weather and sub-zero temperatures.

Taranaki Winter At 3AM we found Syme Hut frozen solid, good for climbing, not so much for sleeping.