SCORE (Signal Communications by Orbital Relay Equipment) SCORE (Signal Communications by Orbital Relay Equipment) Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Google + Email; Zoom Download. The next day the necessary equipment and Signal Corps troops were airlifted to Pleiku, and by evening on 14 August communications got into operation, linking the 173d's operating area into the large fixed backbone system at Pleiku. SCORE stands for Space Communications for Orbiting Relay Equipment. Separate Relay and Communication Equipment Traditional pilot scheme communication equipment typically transmits and receives analog communication signals. SCORE, the first communications satellite, launched on December 18, 1958, aboard an Atlas missile. SCORE có nghĩa là gì? Suggest new definition. So like what you said, put up probes with ra-100s, so the signal can bounce and get communication with the probe. Before the end of 1958 the world's first "active" communication satellite, SCORE (Signal Communication by Orbiting Relay Equipment), was launched by the U.S. Air Force. ID … Audio-tone signals (300 to 3,000 Hz) are most commonly used on leased or privately owned phone circuits, or on analog microwave radio. The low-frequency radio band Because it did not receive and retransmit a signal from Earth, Relay (satellite) synonyms, Relay (satellite) pronunciation, Relay (satellite) translation, English dictionary definition of Relay (satellite). It transmitted a pre-recorded Christmas message from President Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890-1969) and lasted 12 days. signal converter A device that changes the electrical or light characteristics of a signal. See other definitions of SCORE. Equipment and personnel also had to be redistributed to support arriving units. If you have any probe control, extend extendable antennae for better connection and you might not need to send relays. Other Resources: We have 74 other meanings of SCORE in our Acronym Attic. The best thing to do is send a probe with those relay antennae halfway between duna and kerbin's orbit. This definition appears very rarely and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: Military and Government; Science, medicine, engineering, etc.

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