You can play this song to 20-somethings and they dig is just as much as we did back when it first came out. Shares. Lips Like Sugar.

Just like the title says, I am looking for any songs and/or Japanese bands that sound similar to "Sugar song and Bitter step" by UNISON SQUARE GARDENS. “Like Sugar” marks Chaka Khan’s return to music after a nearly eleven year hiatus. Johnny Cash - …

Is that it? "Sugar" is a song which is recorded by American band Maroon 5 for their fifth studio album V (2014). Listen to and download Chaka Khan - Like Sugar. It was written by Mike Posner, Adam Levine, Dr. Luke, and Jacob Kasher Hindlin together with its producers Ammo and Cirkut.It was sent to contemporary hit radio in the United States, as the third single from the album on January 13, 2015. please help. Answer Save. Politik #4. Watch the song video Lips Like Sugar.

765 61. more tracks from the album God Put a Smile Upon Your Face [Australia CD] #1. Lips Like Sugar is one of those songs (with a story line) that stand the test of time. Our awesome collection of

Tweet. Echo & The Bunnymen - Lips Like Sugar . Martin from Copenhagen, Denmark Well Michael, it depends on which charts you compare, because I found that on Billboard "Sugar, sugar" peaked at nr 1 on 8/1669, but "Tracy" peaked on nr 9 on 10/4/69. Initially dismissed by Ian McCulloch as too commercial, "Lips Like Sugar" became a chart success in the UK, Ireland, and New Zealand. It is a newer song that is like the song "Sugar, Sugar" but i can't think of the name of the group and the name of the song. The only song I can think of is Nitty's "Nasty Girl." » Search results for 'sugar' Yee yee! By Scott Sorry 10 February 2016.

1 decade ago. Chaka Khan unveiled her new song “Like Sugar,” the Queen of Funk’s first track in over a decade and the first single off her upcoming new album.. … It was the second single from their 1987 eponymous album.. 2 Answers. "Lips Like Sugar" was released as the second single from Echo & the Bunnymen, backed with "Rollercoaster". I like it. Song that sounds like Sugar Sugar? "Sugar, Sugar" is a song written by Jeff Barry and Andy Kim. Share. Relevance. THis is a good song. The song was written toungue in cheek and is not meant to be taken too seriously (just like most of Def Leppard's material). Tony the Rogue Warrior. Answer Save. A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term "sugar" - from the website.

Hi, I'm from the era of "Sugar Sugar", so I have lots of ideas for songs like that. 1 in the US on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1969 and remained there for four weeks. Fogerty John - Sugar-Sugar (In My Life) Coldplay - Lips Like Sugar . Martyn John - Sugar Lump . The best of everything, every day on TeamRock . Tony the Rogue Warrior. It was originally recorded by the cartoon band the Archies.This version reached No. 1 decade ago. The song was a chart success, reaching number 36 in the UK, number 24 in Ireland, and number 43 in New Zealand. 3. "Lips Like Sugar" is a single by Echo & the Bunnymen which was released in August 1987. Same goes for Cherry Pie, it is about sex, but well hidden. The words are actually sqeeze a little squeeze a little tease a little more. Roy Orbison - Sugar Man . When they put this song together it was like printin' their own money. Scott Sorry is best known for being the bassist of The Wildhearts, but he’s also played in Amen and Brides Of Destruction, and has fronted his own band, Sorry And The Sinatras. The chorus definitely has the melody of "Sugar, Sugar." The 10 best Sugar songs according to Scott Sorry. Sounds like: Phil Weeks, Kiki Gyan, Jungle | What's so good? It's bouncy, peppy, and …

Song that sounds like Sugar Sugar? “Like Sugar” marks Chaka Khan’s return to music after a nearly eleven year hiatus. Jammie from Deckerville, Mi This song gave Def Lepperd their idea for the song "Pour some sugar on me". Similar catchy/upbeat/happy songs like "Sugar song and Bitter step" by UNISON SQUARE GARDEN? "I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl," Nina Simone. It was also No.1 on the UK Singles chart in that same year for eight weeks. "Sugar, Sugar," The Archies.