Basic attack - the Barbarian slashes his dual-wielding weapons. Gunslinger Hat; Gunslinger Sash; Sunset.

Hello, im Selling very HighEnd Trove Account for PC My Top Class is Gunslinger With 8.5565m Coefficient ( 106.6% Crit-Hit/ 2107.8% Crit-Dmg/ 170095 BASE-Magic Damage/ 387562 Magic Damage) 167% Attack-Speed

Dino Tamer: Provides extra Attack Speed and grants Critical Hits a chance to briefly root targets. Dracolyte.

How to Unlock New Classes in Trove.

This means you won't have to charge it up, it will be at max.

Takes 2 seconds to charge. See Gunslinger Job Change Guide for information. This can allow for a range of very unique (hybrid and specialized) skill sets in the Gunslinger tree. With only one way to build the Gunslinger, the best route for obtaining damage would be to maximize Magic Damage, Attack Speed and Energy Regeneration. Related products.

(See individual class pages for specific behavior.) This means you won't have to charge it up, it will be at max. Attack Speed, Critical Damage, Energy Regen, Max Health, Movement Speed. Takes 2 seconds to charge. Skin bonus: Attack+400 HP+10000 Vanilla Swirlwind - it's a spinning attack. Attack speed is lowered, but the Gunslinger a mobile and heavy duty slugger of charged destruction. Neon Ninja: Provides extra jump and grants a chance to deal bonus damage to enemies at less than 20% health.

Ultimate: Run and Gun - Increases attack speed by 75% and movement speed by 20.

Gum Drop - while attacked, the Candy Barbarian has a chance to drop a Gum, which acts like a buff totem increasing attack speed and movement speed. Lunar Lancer: Provides extra Attack Speed. Live support 24/7/365( real people). The Gunslinger is a Legendary Hero.

It protects against normal and piercing damage. Buy Trove Сrystal Staff (Trove - PC/Mac) - At troveflux you can buy cheap Trove Сrystal Staff (Trove - PC/Mac) for sale.SSL. Charged Shot - Charges up a shot for area damage.

The Sunset Set is the 4-star upgrade, and offers increased protection against normal and piercing damage. Staffs (or Staves) are an equipment type that are wielded by the Fae Trickster, Dracolyte, Ice Sage, Tomb Raiserand Chloromancer classes. Gunslinger: Provides extra jump and increases all damage done to enemies while airborne.

Each enemy hit drops a Healing Candy, recovering 10% of your max HP. Gunslinger has skin called Princess Bride: "Even if I have to fight, my dress must stay white."

They always have Magic Damageas their first stat, and like other equipment, they can have up to 3 others (for a total of 4 stats). It has a low handgun attack speed bonus per piece. The Gunslinger Set is the initial 3-star version of the gunner line. starting stats : 1 , 9 , 1 , 9 , 9 , 1 Base stats at level 99 : STR: 1; AGI: 99 - to increase attack speed and flee rate; VIT: 1; INT: 9 Fortunately for players, these 3 stats are not mutually exclusive on any line of equip and can be obtained without giving up the other.

You can unlock classes simply by buying them.

Blast Jump - Does area damage and blasts you into the air.

Job Change Guide. Cubits Cost - 5,000; Weapon - Staff (Melee) Damage - Magic

The Neon Ninja’s “Heuristic Hackstar” Empowered Gem replaces the normal shuriken with a massive buzzsaw that passes through enemies, damaging every enemy in …

Description. Blast Jump - Does area damage and blasts you into the air. Below are up to six recommended Talents for the Hero, based on the Hero's type, stats and skill. Charged Shot - Charges up a shot for area damage. 1: The basic tactic when using the Tomb Raiser applies to both solo and group scenarios; get the 6-minion Grave Goliath out as soon as possible, or whatever highest level Grave Goliath you can get before the boss fight/waves end. Gunslinger.

Renewal Builds DEX / AGI Pistols.