Day: Day: Assigns the current time to day. All the Commands @Admin [Nickname | Steam ID] - To make Admin. Allows your server to access certain commands, such as Give, and can only be used in the server's commands.dat file. ( notepad++ is better) 1) Configuration Unturned is an open world single player and co-op multiplayer survival game. Smartly Programmed Games is also owned by Nelson Sexton. This command limits how fast players can send chat messages in an Unturned server. Unturned Commands, Unturned Admin Commands. Unturned imposes a 50 character limit on the server name. He is the founder of Smartly Programmed games. Admin Commands /teleport p1/p2 = teleports player1 to player2 /ban player = bans player permanently /ban player reason time = bans player with reason for the set time /kick player = kicks player from the server /slay player = kills and then bans the player /say “message” = will type message in game as the server

Introduction Welcome human! The game was designed and published officially by Nelson Sexton. Detailed information on how to use the Unturned command Cheats. Cycle: Cycle [Number] Assigns the length of the day/night cycle in seconds. A Rocket Mod plugin for the Steam game Unturned, allowing players to store items on a server for later access. It must be written in the commands.dat file - not in-game. Unturned was officially released for […] All commands a admin or owner should know! If you play singleplayer you might want some of this commands and if your admin or owner in a multiplayer server you will probaly need all! Server Password //Server password, when set, must be entered by anyone who wants to join the server

It fits right into the Action, Adventure, and Casual genre. Server Name Unturned Server //Server name, exactly as it will be displayed in the in-game server browser. Information on command syntax, description, example commands, and usage in the game. C# GPL-3.0 4 1 0 0 Updated Feb 18, 2020 ItemVault Your Unturned server is almost ready, navigate to the Servers/YourServerName/Server folder, and open Commands.dat with a text editor such as Notepad. /cycle [Duration] This command sets the duration of the day and night cycle on an Unturned server.

Unturned is a post-apocalyptic survival game developed by Nelson Sexton-the sole developer, owner, and founder of Smartly Dressed Games. Debug: Debug: Provides information on the state of the server. @Admins - To make the list of Admins.

/cheats: This command toggles the availability of cheat commands on an Unturned server. @Airdrop - To make Airdrop.