Yes, the timing. Maybe it's my Paper Mario instincts getting in the way but there has to be something here I'm not getting.
reviews; user reviews; cheats; FAQs/Guides; screens; videos; Topic: Chain attacks Vs defense abilities. So I'm 20% through Vagrant story and I still haven't figured out chaining. EDIT: I figured out chaining!

Riskbreaker! Vagrant Story. Any tips?

For Vagrant Story on the PlayStation, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Question about chain attacks". And since it works off lost HP you don't really care about hitting with the first attack, as the Ability's strength is set regardless. IMO crossbows are the easiest to chain with, but mileage may vary depending on the person. If you want strictly high chains, I would personally go crossbow, as they have a pretty obvious audio cue when the arrow fires, and very shortly after that sound (close to half a second I'd say) is when you'll want to hit the button. Charon .

Just got Vagrant Story from PSN so I'm still in the very beginning and man I love every aspect of it... except the timing for the chain combo. We're talking about some tiny bits of milliseconds here. While it's a very crude tactic, Raging Ache is very nice Chain Ability to have, since it ignores defence and you always have time to heal, as you have three turns to enemies' one. The next button has to be pressed so friggin perfectly on time just when the the exclamation mark flashes, it's ridiculous. I can always get the second attack in but have yet to land anything beyond that. dangerous total posts: 161 since: Feb 2003.