WITCHFINDER GENERAL. It's about what real people do to others that's "not good" and anyway you slice that that is far more terrifying than any supernatural threat that may or may not have ever occurred. The movie itself is 83 minutes duration and apparently is the Director's Cut. Release date 01/09/2003 . Approved Running time 86m 41s .

WITCHFINDER GENERAL [Director's cut]. An air of myth and mystery hangs over the film, partly due to its subject matter, and partly, too, because its 25 year-old director, Michael Reeves, died of a drug overdose just weeks after completing it. Type of media Film. Approved Running time 82m 43s . The version of the film on this Blu-ray is the UK director’s cut without nudity, but including the violence.

Witchfinder General is an atmospheric, well made and interesting film, … Witchfinder General (1968) is a cult classic that tells the true story of the witch-hunt conducted by Mathew Hopkins in East Anglia, during the English Revolution. Type of media Video. The most vivid thing about Witchfinder General is the way it explicitly links paranoia and witch-hunting to misogyny, and how female sexual energy is seen by the ruling order as a threat. Ratings Info Contains strong, bloody violence. The bonus documentary is around 25 minutes and has many fellow film-makers paying credit to … Neither of them would come to very good ends. Witchfinder General is a 17th Century depiction of what real human manifested horror is in the way Bogdonovich's, Targets is a 20th Century true horror film. The movie itself is 83 minutes duration and apparently is the Director's Cut. In 1944 a director was born that would eventually make a movie based on the infamous witchfinder. The Director in question being 23 year old wonderkid Michael Reeves, who died the following year. Ratings Info Contains strong violence and execution scenes.