You'll only see the workout for the current day, and it updates automatically each day. I see Zwift being useful for group rides during the winter, but it doesn’t seem to be as compelling a platform for training plans the way TrainerRoad is. Zwift only does automatic FTP update based on 20min power but not 1h power. Zwift has built-in workouts for a full 60-minute FTP test, a 20-minute one, or a ramp test.

Is there an automatic way to get sync Garmin with Zwift or is manual still the only way? Then do steady 200 W 60 minute ride (structured if don't have steady legs). So if you do an FTP and get for example 3.8, Zwift can be programmed to not allow you to compete in categories below that FTP.

You can test it. These boost your Zwift score to help you achieve and unlock gaming enhancements including faster wheels and bikes. Click ‘Menu’ in the bottom left of your screen. Zwift is one example of a product that is taking indoor training to the next level. Automatic FTP Measurement Along with the structured FTP test workouts, Zwift will automatically detect your FTP from your everyday Zwift riding, and prompt you when it detects an increased FTP … For best accuracy, your FTP should be recent, ideally tested every 6-8 weeks. Zwift How-To: Using Ramp Test Lite to Find Your FTP on June 03, 2020 FTP (Functional Threshold Power) is a very useful performance metric for cyclists. To view your FTP score in Zwift. If you want to save a workout permanently to you Zwift workout folder so you can use it anytime then you can manually add the workout file to Zwift. Zwift automatically tests your FTP on every ride, prompting you if an increase is detected. ... Zwift will communicate with your trainer to automatically adjust the resistance to ensure that you are hitting the power target for that step of your workout. After this test, your FTP is automatically set and saved in these apps. Remember it’s a benchmark, so as your fitness level increases so will your FTP. When riding in ERG mode, you are basically telling your trainer and cycling app to take control adjusting the resistance for […] Then Zwift does the work from there.

Your new FTP will be automatically saved to your profile. Have to monitor 1h yourself and upgrade FTP accordingly. Zwift Automatic Score Boosts. ... or for FTP or other power tests. I predict Zwift will update your FTP to around 190 W after that. Currently in Zwift there are 2 automatic score boosts called the Large and Small bonus. A smart bike trainer and a compatible cycling app or bike computer are required to use ERG mode. (Update: we recently added a ramp FTP test… Just follow the instructions on your screen and off you go. Your FTP value is calculated at the end of your ride as 95% of your highest 20-minute average power. More information about Zwift and TrainingPeaks can be found here. Save Zwift username and password to enable automatic login to Get profile (rider ID) automatically from so the rider ID can be used for auto-login to ZwiftGPS. Not only is it a solid measure of overall fitness, … A Quick How-To Guide for TrainingPeaks Zwifters.

2.) Remember/Recall the controllable trainer The Remember/Unpair/Recall buttons are useful because you won’t have to interrupt the otherwise automatic pairing process in Zwift to pair or unpair the controllable trainer, when it changes from time to time whether you want it paired or not (e.g. Next time you log into Zwift, you will see a small scale map on the top right corner of the screen. Their ramp test gave a 15% higher estimate of FTP than the 20-minute test in Zwift (or even the 20-minute test in TrainerRoad).